Coffee. The Missing Link for Bakeries

63% of your customers would be likely to buy coffee as part of a meal deal.1

A cup of Nescafé Alegria coffee and a bacon roll
Food-to-go outlets such as high-street bakeries could be missing out on sales if they don’t have a meal deal that includes coffee. With 63% of people saying that they would be likely to buy coffee as part of a meal deal in a high-street bakery, linking a food-to-go offering with coffee could boost sales.1
But what time of day will provide the most sales? Perhaps surprisingly, most people (45%) said they’d be most likely to buy coffee in a meal deal as a morning snack. Closely followed by lunch (36%) and afternoon snack (34%)1
With less structured meal occasions, resulting from such factors as busy lifestyles and more unconventional working hours2, the snacking opportunity is growing3. Combine coffee and a snack in a link deal to enhance your offering and maximise on this growing opportunity.  
With space at a premium in many high-street bakeries, how can you introduce a credible coffee solution that’ll slot into your store? 
Did you know? The NESCAFÉ® Alegria solutions serve a full café-style menu at the touch of a button and start from just 280mm wide. Leaving plenty of room for the rest of the meal deal.  
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