BUZZBITES: How to Attract, Upskill and Retain Talent

For an industry at tipping point, the challenge of securing and keeping the right talent is more important than ever. With the hospitality sector experiencing economic growth, uncertainty around Brexit and a widening skills gap [1], our latest BuzzBites report addresses the topic head on.


Students taking part in NESTLE PROFESSIONAL Toque d'Or competition

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The new report, ‘Talking Talent: Taking an innovative approach to tackling the skills shortage' provides unique insight on how businesses can combat the talent crisis.

With such a big challenge ahead, we’ve broken the concept down into bitesize chunks. In this report, we’ve called upon a range of influencers within the industry to offer;

  • 10 tips on innovative recruitment
  • 10 unique ways to create high performance teams
  • 10 ideas on how to retain talent in 2018 and beyond

These 30 pieces of advice, tips and statistics have been collated to mark the 30th anniversary year of our young chef competition, Toque d’Or. One way we’re helping to inspire the next generation of industry professionals.

Download your copy of the report here.