Combi bean-to-cup coffee machines: A fresh way to bring premium coffee to hotel guests

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tapping into the preference for specialty coffee is a great way to increase your hotel guests’ satisfaction levels – and bean-to-cup coffee machines help you deliver real coffee excellence.

Ariel view of breakfast table with a frothy coffee cup and saucer and pastry sitting on a plate

Four in five (79%) Brits bought a hot drink out of home in 2017, according to recent statistics1, and the popularity of artisan and barista-style coffees2 shows there’s a demand in the market for high-end coffee that delivers premium flavour, aroma and freshness.

So, how does a combi bean-to-cup machine deliver this premium coffee experience for your guests?


The benefits of a bean-to-cup approach


For a barista to make the perfect cup of coffee, there are a number of key stages to get it right. Beans must be perfectly ground, the right brewing time must be used to bring out the true coffee flavours and aromas, and the perfect end style of coffee must be made – whether it’s a classic espresso, a frothy cappuccino or a modern flat white.

This is a complex and time-consuming manual process, where staff need to be trained baristas in order to deliver the ideal cup of coffee to your hotel guests. And with so many different elements in the process to get it right, the consistency and end quality of your coffee can vary greatly from barista to barista.

What a combi bean-to-cup coffee machine brings to your hotel is a fast, convenient and uniform way to automate the whole coffee-making process.

The NESCAFÉ® Alegria Bean to Cup Combi Coffee Machine removes the hassle, inefficiency, and inconsistency of manual barista-made coffee and brings your guests an easy-to-use self-service machine – producing consistently well-made barista-style coffee on demand. Having an Alegria Bean to Cup Combi Coffee Machine in your hotel is a great way to encourage guests to spend more time relaxing and unwinding in the lobby, spa/gym or restaurant, either with a frothy cappuccino or smooth espresso. 

Front view of NESCAFÉ® Alegria Bean to Cup Combi Coffee Machine

Your guests get the premium coffee experience they expect, and you have none of the time, high maintenance and labour-intensive elements of providing traditional barista-made coffee. 


Following the premiumisation trend in coffee


When it comes to coffee, your hotel guests are becoming increasingly discerning. Almost a quarter of coffee drinkers would describe themselves as a coffee connoisseur3, and this is leading consumers to demand more premium products than ever before4.

Allegra estimates that 12.6 million UK households now own a pod machineso styles such as cappuccino or americano are no longer seen as luxury items. This ‘premiumisation’ of coffee has changed expectations of the hot beverages you supply as a hotel, which means there’s a real imperative to ‘up your game’ and meet the needs of modern coffee aficionados.

To meet the premiumisation trend:

  • Move to bean-to-cup combi coffee machines – and give guests the high quality coffee experience that comes from freshly ground coffee beans3.
  • Use top quality coffee beans – providing premium roasted coffee beans that give a depth of flavour and aroma when using your bean-to-cup machines.
  • Offer a range of speciality coffees – and bring guests a selection of barista-style soluble frothy coffees for speed, and sophisticated full-bean black coffee flavours.


Go premium with NESCAFÉ® coffee machines and beans


NESCAFÉ®, as the nation’s favourite coffee brand5, knows a thing or two about high-end coffee.

Our range of bean-to-cup coffee machines bring you all the convenience of grinding, brewing and serving artisan coffee on demand – all in one handy solution. And when you add in our selection of premium whole-roasted coffee beans, you can be confident of bringing the freshest high-quality coffee to your hotel guests.

Explore our top-quality Superiore and Selezione coffee beans, and bring your guests the fuller flavour and aroma of a genuine bean-to-cup coffee experience.


NESCAFÉ® Superiore whole roasted coffee beans bag front pack imageNESCAFÉ® Selezione whole roasted coffee beans bag front pack image

NESCAFÉ® Superiore Whole Roasted Coffee Beans          NESCAFÉ® Selezione Whole Roasted Coffee Beans


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