NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0 Coffee Machine

The NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0 is an innovative machine, offering premium ingredients and the ProCare support service. An astonishingly simple solution which allows you to delight your customers with all the speciality drinks they desire – all at the touch of a button.

Good To Know

  • Up to 27 different café-style drinks
  • Easy to operate, plug and play dispenser with an interactive interface and touchscreen technology
  • High quality ingredients to create delicious drinks: expertly roasted coffee extracts, 100% skimmed milk, and a rich hot chocolate drink mix
  • Technical and marketing support to help you maximise your coffee offering


*Open to sites in GB only. T&Cs apply. Demonstrations are subject to availability. See further details and full terms and conditions


Book a demo today


We offer one-day demonstrations of one or more of our coffee machines

Let us demonstrate the potential of our coffee machines to you today. 

One of our friendly machine sales specialists will arrange a one day demonstration of one or more of our coffee machines at a Nestlé location or a preferred machine supplier site. Each demonstration is tailored to your needs and covers the full process from the machine, the coffee and the commercials including our support options.

Your demo includes:

  • Personal set up and machine demonstration by our one of our specialists
  • They will bring the machine and ingredients along with them 
  • Explanation of all contract options and support packages

Just complete an online form and we’ll be in touch within 2 working days, or much sooner in most cases.




Unfortunately due to the nature of our coffee machines, we are unable to complete a demonstration for every request. This is often due to a number of factors including geographical location, type of business or facilities available. If we are unable to complete a demonstration one of our team will offer alternative arrangements. See full terms and conditions.


NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0 is your total coffee solution.

  • Personalised coffee – choose from up to 27 drinks in line with what consumers love.
  • The blend mixing is fully integrated into the machine, giving you the flexibility to offer the right blend and taste profile your consumers are seeking.
  • Use the touchscreen control panel to keep a real-time track of your sales data, and directly manage your drinks and promotions.
  • The machine has been designed for 100% staff-friendly functionality.
  • With an intuitive and customisable touchscreen, it also provides video tutorials for staff training. The proprietary machine technology has been based on operator insight.
  • Comes with plug and play, colour coding functionality and automatic warning system.


Machine specification








28kg (machine empty)

35kg (with powder + water)

Number of Canisters


Number of Recipes Available on Touchscreen

Up to 27

Water Tank Capacity

0.85 gallons (3.2 litres)




35-70% rH/10°C - 30°C


35-85% rH/5° - 45°C


Plumbing and Electrical Requirements

Water Supply Pressure

Min. 1.5 bar/ 0.15 MPa

Max. 8 bar/ 0.8 MPa

Water Connection


Water Mineral Content

Min. 60 mg/L dry residue at 180°

Water Hardness

3-8 °DH / 5.4 – 14 °TH

Boiler Types

1.15 kW for 120V (12 A)

1.5 kW for 120 V (15 A)

2 kW for 240 V (10 A)

Boiler Capacity

3.2 litres

Drip Tray Capacity

0.5 litres



Power Supply

90-127 V/ 12 A / 50-60Hz

90-127V/ 15 A/ 50-60Hz

220-240V/ 10 A / 50-60Hz

Power Consumption

90-127V/ 12 A / 1440 W

90-127V/ 15 A/ 1800 W

220-240V/ 10 A/ 2400 W



Choose from a wide range of up to 27 dispensed drinks, from a frothy cappuccino to a smooth espresso. Choose between one or two espresso shots, milky or intense chocolate, and skimmed or semi skimmed milk.


With the NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0, you will benefit from dedicated technical and commercial support. This includes:

  • Ongoing marketing support with POS material
  • An integrated path to purchase program
  • Global NESCAFÉ and NESTLÉ marketing expertise
  • No hassle, prompt technical service