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Our delicious plant-based GARDEN GOURMET® range is here to represent our strong commitment to provide nutritionally balanced great tasting products.

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Cutting Back on Meat: Why Do People Stop Eating Meat

In 2020, a significant portion of consumers globally reported interest in limiting their meat intake (36% in the UK, 47% in the US, 40% in Germany) placing greater importance on getting more plants and essential nutrients into their diet1. The move towards plant-based diets has been influenced both by health and environmental concerns. Diets rich in plant-based foods, with fewer animal products, are encouraged as part of a healthy, balanced diet and to protect the environment. 

It has been estimated that adoption of plant-based dietary patterns, could on average lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions ranging from 17% to 29%, in addition to decreasing land, water and fertiliser use2.


What Are Plant-Based Diets?

Many organisations, including the British Nutrition Foundation, define ‘plant-based diets’ as those mostly based on foods derived from plants, such as grains, vegetables, fruit, pulses and nuts, but that can also include a smaller proportion of animal derived foods such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy.


What Are the Benefits of Plant-Based Diet?

The benefits of a “well-balanced” plant-based diet are linked to choosing foods that can provide essential nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals, that are needed to support good health. For further details on well balanced diets, please see the NHS choices website3.


What Are the Benefits of Plant-Based Ingredients Such as Soy?

Soy is an important component of a plant-based diet. You’ve probably already seen it listed on the labels of your favourite meat-free products. So, if you’re wondering what are the benefits of soy and why you should include it in your menus, here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Soy contains a high amount of protein, which the body uses to build and maintain bones and muscles.
  • Soybeans are a high-quality protein source, which means they contain all 9 essential amino acids we need from the diet. It is also a source of fibre.
  • Soy is the crop that provides the most protein per acre of farmland and has shown to be 13 times more energy efficient than organic dairy protein.
  • It is now widely accepted that soya is nutritious and safe, and is an ideal option as part of a healthy, balanced diet4.


Why Include GARDEN GOURMET to Plant-Based Menus?

Garden Gourmet has been developed with nutritionists to be nutritionally credible. Our products:

  • Are a source of fibre
  • Are high in protein*
  • Are non-HFSS (high fat, sugar and salt)
  • Mostly meet UK salt targets
  • All have green and amber front of pack labelling
  • Are made from plant-based ingredients

Our chefs have developed a range of recipes, all of which provide 2 of 5 a day and are under 600kcal.



1 Mintel’s 35-market consumer study, July 2020

2 British Nutrition Foundation, June 2019


4 BDA, Soya foods

*Garden Gourmet products are high in protein, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and bones, as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

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