Do your products have the Fairtrade mark on them?

Nestlé UK & Ireland produce a variety of chocolate under different brands. In 2015 Nestlé UK & Ireland achieved its objective of using only cocoa from sustainable sources, the first major confectionery manufacturer in the UK & Ireland to accomplish this. The Fairtrade Foundation is a key partner in the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, an initiative which is helping to improve the lives of more cocoa farmers and the quality of their products. This year we will be creating awareness of the certified sustainable cocoa status across our brands. This will include advertising and in addition information about the Nestlé Cocoa Plan will feature on our packs.

The [NESCAFÉ Plan] is a global plan for the entire NESCAFÉ brand, with commitments in responsible farming, responsible production and supply and responsible consumption. The plan aims to create value right across the coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers. We are partnering with the Rainforest Alliance and The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) because as organisations we share the same commitment to agricultural excellence and sustainability in coffee. This does not preclude other partnerships with NGOs who share our ambition for the coffee sector. Nestlé works with nearly all of the sustainability standards around the world and we believe they all have a role to play and bring different areas of expertise.