Surviving the Christmas party – top tips for the festive season


The office Christmas party is probably the biggest social event of the year, for most companies. So, if you want your festive celebrations to go with a bang, you need to get your planning head-on and ensure you’ve got all the right ingredients to keep your staff, your customers and your local community stakeholders happy.




Ensuring your office party is the best it can be

In an age where staff want high-quality employee benefits, and company perks are high on the expectation list for many employees, the office party still remains a key draw for many people.

The annual company party is an opportunity to reward the hard work of the year, celebrate the successes and give everyone a night to let their hair down. But deciding on the right kind of party, and delivering it successfully, can often be a major headache for the person (or team) who end up tasked with organising the Xmas shindig.


So, how do you make sure you’re putting on the best party?:

  • Provide the right mix of food and drink – you’ll definitely need refreshments at your party, which will generally be a mix of alcoholic drinks, cold soft drinks and hot beverages . And, depending on the scale and timing of your party, you’ll also need to offer food that appeals to your invitees and gets them in the Christmas mood. Think festive nibbles, mince pies and finger food that’s easy to eat while chatting about the last quarter’s targets with the FD.
  • Tailor the entertainment to fit your people – your best mate might be an amazing urban grime DJ, but think about whether this is the best music for the people who are attending. A DJ that plays a mix of different musical styles is a better bet, plus any other entertainment you might want to lay on – whether it’s close-up magic, live music or even a troop of dancing Christmas snowmen (if you can convince the team in Accounts to channel a ‘Strictly’ vibe).
  • Give people space to dance, talk and network – for everyone to enjoy the night you need to ensure your party space has different zones and areas. Some people will want to sit and eat, some will want to mingle and network with the boss, and others will just want to hit the dancefloor and bust some serious moves


Catching up to tell all the stories

Moderation is always a good idea when it comes to the Christmas celebration, so it’s a good idea to limit your alcohol intake, keep your riskiest dance moves for Ibiza and remain professional and in control throughout the night. 

But If you get the planning right, the whole company should have had a night to remember – and that means there are bound to be plenty of stories to tell the day after your party.

The morning coffee run is the ideal time for the team to sit down with a hot cup of NESCAFÉ® Original and relive the highlights of the previous night. With its rich flavour and unmistakable aroma, there’s good reason why it’s the tried and tested Nation’s favourite coffee  – and why a tin of NESCAFÉ® Original should always be on hand in the office kitchen.

With a red mug in your hand, you’re set to hear all about your colleagues highs points from the party, how the buffet food was received and just how the Sales Director managed to split his trousers grooving to ‘Saturday Night Fever’! 


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Sustainability Points - Thinking about your community stakeholders


Christmas is a time to think of others, not just to party. So the festive season can also be a great opportunity for your company to interact with its local and community stakeholders.

At Nestlé, we aim to add value not only for our business, but also for individuals and families, for our communities and for the planet. And getting involved in the local community is a core way for your business to improve the Christmas season for your team and local stakeholders.

Some ways to enhance your community impact could include:

  1. Running a Secret Santa event for local schools and nurseries
  2. Organising a ‘Mince pie and coffee’ morning at your local care home
  3. Inviting local business owners to a Christmas drinks party
  4. Running Xmas fundraising events for your chosen local charities
  5. Inviting community leaders to your main Christmas party

Whatever you choose to do as a company, the Christmas season is a time to step outside of the usual internal company focus and to bring some real festive cheer to everyone in your local community – and ensure it’s a happy time for you, your customers and your local stakeholders.



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