How a positive work environment boosts employee engagement


Engaged employees make their organizations 17% more productive and 21% more profitable, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report[1]. And a key way to keep your team engaged and motivated is to offer an inspiring and productive working space.



There’s no one ‘silver bullet’ for creating a productive workspace, but there are some key ways to create the most beneficial spaces, offer the right mix of perks and refreshments and create an environmentally conscious office that your employees see as a home from home.


Creating the right working environment

73% of US workers say their office helps them be better at what they do, according to new research in Staples Workplace Survey Results 2019[2]. So it’s vitally important that your small business puts serious thought into how your office space works.

Forward-thinking businesses around Europe are pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating cool office spaces, with many trying out new layouts, new staff benefits and new working methods for their people.


Here are just a few examples of companies who have pushed the workspace envelope:

Skyscanner – the global travel search company has focused on promoting the wellbeing of its staff within its HQ. Skyscanner offers quiet rooms in their office and run a mindfulness course via their own internal university. There’s also a regular Tuesday night session where employees can play table tennis, foosball or Xbox in the office, and the office space includes running-machine desks, massage chairs and regular yoga classes.

Ticketmaster – the international ticket agency has created a truly innovative workspace for its staff. As well as offering a range of working spaces, from open plan to breakout rooms, they also have a giant playground slide that goes between floors – saving time waiting for lifts and walking stairs. Ticketmaster run social events, hackathons and even dance classes to help ease stress, and there are board games, magazines and even a large projector screen to add to the homely and welcoming vibe in the office.

Innocent Drinks – the global drinks company is well known for its innovative marketing, but Innocent have also created a quirky and cutting-edge workspace at its UK office. The Innocent HQ is designed with an ‘English village fair’ theme, with park benches and green astroturf to create a peaceful country atmosphere. Employees also have access to unlimited smoothies from the many drinks fridges, as well as yoga and pilates classes and £5 massages for when they need to de-stress and chill out.


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[1]Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2017

[2]Staples Workplace Survey Results 2019