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We believe it’s the little things that matter most at work, like great food and drink. Now you can turn coffee breaks in your workplace into truly rewarding and inspiring experiences for your employees. How? With our selection of delicious NESCAFÉ® coffee and NESTLÉ® confectionery.

NESCAFÉ® Original®

Life can be hectic, and there is nothing more important than starting work off on the right foot. So give your staff time to grab a mug, and begin their day with the delicious taste of NESCAFÉ® Original.

Available in 1kg, 750g and Decaf 500g

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NESCAFÉ® Gold Blend®

Discover signature smooth, rich instant coffee from NESCAFÉ® Gold Blend®. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the well-rounded taste and rich aroma in every cup.

Available in 1kg, 750g and Decaf 500g

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NESCAFÉ® Gold Origins®

Crafted with 100% roasted Arabica coffee beans from Latin America, treat your colleagues to a uniquely rich flavour experience. Experience NESCAFÉ® Gold Origins Cap Colombia and Alta Rica today.

Available in Cap Colombia & Alta Rica, 500g

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Coffee is one of life’s great pleasures, so why settle for anything less than great coffee at work? Add a touch of class to your next workplace break-time with our range of delicious NESCAFÉ® Gold Café Style cappuccinos and lattes.

Also available in cappuccino and sachet format

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NESCAFÉ® Azera® Americano is a tasteful blend of instant coffee and finely ground roasted coffee beans. It’s intense aroma and roasted coffee taste is finished with a velvety coffee crema.

Available in 500g and sachet format.

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This is a coffee that your staff won't forget. It's all thanks to quality coffee and the power of nitrogen… Crack open the can to unleash the cool hiss of Nitro, and pour into a glass to see the gentle cascade of silky nitrogen infusion.

Available in latte & americano, 192ml cans

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NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®

The stylish NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Majesto coffee machine is expertly designed for the office. Its specially developed functions mean you can enjoy the quality, creativity and modernity of coffee shop coffee in the workplace.

Pods available in 40 different varieties.

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NESTLÉ® Mini Breaks

NESTLÉ® Mini Breaks are a selection of chocolate favourites to share with colleagues, a great reason to have a 'Mini Break' and escape the desk. It's also the ideal gift for a team that deserves a little thank you.

Includes 24 treat-size favourites.

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NESTLÉ® Big Biscuit Box

Treat your workforce to some of the UK’s favourite chocolate biscuit bars., including KitKat®, Breakaway®, Blue Riband®, Toffee Crisp®, and Yorkie®.

Includes 71 chocolate biscuit bars.

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