10 Companies with the Coolest Employee Perks

With roughly 35% of your waking time spent at work, a few small office perks can go a long way to improving your quality of life. But as competition for top talent in certain industries increases, so too does the lavish nature of employee perks. With everything from Google’s sleeping pods to Apple’s free apples, we take a look at the top 10 employee benefits and office perks out there.

  1. Google and sleeping pods

    Google lets employees enjoy a snooze in high-tech pods with sleep-inducing music and a privacy visor. An office where people can just sneak into a sleeping pod to take an emergency nap before that next power meeting is worthy of being included on any cool places to work list. The result? A well-rested workforce with their energy stores replenished after a visit to the snooze chair is more productive, creative and in a much better mood. No wonder Google has some of the best offices in the world.

  1. Apple and … free apples

    Apple provides co-workers with unlimited apples throughout the day. Since the company shares the name with the beloved fruit, this office perk seems like a no-brainer. Of course the employee perks also include discounts for Apple products and the status symbol of working at one of the biggest tech companies in the world. But the fact that all the “apple” products out there (natural or man-made) are part of the employee benefits scheme is a great way to celebrate both the company and its hard workers.

  1. Social Chain and slides

    UK based social media marketing agency Social Chain has turned office perks into child’s play, literally. And the slide in the middle of their office is the impressive proof. With offices that look more like a playground than the headquarters of a business enterprise, these employees will have no problem tapping into childhood creativity to sharpen their innovation skills in the workplace.

  1. Nestlé and Pets at Work

    Here at Nestlé we allow colleagues to bring their dogs to work.  As a Purina survey revealed, staff are happier and feel healthier when they can bring their pets into the office. Having a furry friend happily wagging their tail whenever they see you is enough of an office perk to boost anyone’s morale. It has also been noticed that having dogs in the office encourages more physical activity and helps create a stimulating environment where people perform at their best.

  1. Netflix and paid leave for new parents

    Netflix gives new mothers and fathers 12 months paid leave. True to the popular motto “Netflix and chill”, new parents can enjoy the family time when they need it the most.

  1. BrewDog and new dog parental leave

    Taking the dog based perks one step further, BrewDog gives employees one week of paid leave to settle a new dog into your home.

  1. TransferWise and paid-for holidays

    It may seem like hell to some, but TransferWise take all staff on an all-expenses-paid holiday every year. The old business saying “a happy employee is a productive employee” seems to hold true.

  1. The Body Shop and paid volunteer work

    Probably the least indulgent and most worthy of the top 10, The Body Shop pays staff for five days of volunteering a year. Although not one of the usual employee perks, helping other people can have a profound effect on both the mental and physical health of employees. Lower stress levels, new gained skills and a more active mind are only a few of the benefits.

  1. LinkedIn and Jiu Jitsu matches

    LinkedIn’s San Francisco office has a gym where staff can train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Whether employees are looking to blow off some steam or build their stamina throwing and grappling, the weekly classes are the perfect setting for that.

  1. Airbnb and travelling the world

    True to their adventurous ethos, Airbnb gives their employees $2000 to travel the world. Recognised as one of the best places to work in the world, this Airbnb employee perk shows why.