Improve your team’s winter well-being


With shorter days, colder mornings and less sunshine than the rest of the year, winter can be a challenging time for the wellbeing of everyone in your business.

Maintaining a positive level of engagement and motivation during the winter months isn’t easy, but there are ways to enhance the physical and mental well-being of your people by taking a proactive approach to workplace wellness for your team.


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Bad weather, productivity and well-being

Bad weather can have a positive impact on workplace productivity. In summer, there’s the distraction of good weather, sunshine and the allure of a long, lazy lunchtime soaking up some rays. But during bad weather, rain and snow, your team is more likely to be confined to the office – and studies have shown that this actually focuses people’s attention and boosts productivity.

However, whilst people may be productive, there is a downside – the impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) through lack of sunlight. With limited access to sunshine and the all important vitamin D it delivers, your people may not be happy. And, as we all know, a happy workforce is an effective and engaged workforce.

So, how do you combat SAD and improve your team’s overall levels of well-being?


Key ways to improve the team’s winter well-being

There’s no one ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to overcoming the effects of SAD, but here are a few ideas:

  • Offer healthy snacks and drinks – it’s important for people to keep up their vitamin intake and to stay properly hydrated, so have healthy snacks and drinks available in the workspace. Nestlé YES! bars offer a range of distinctive fruit, vegetable and nut bars, crafted to be both delicious and a great source of fibre.
  • Organise healthy workplace activitiesexercise in the workplace helps to keep your people fit and healthy and boosts their immune system during the cold and flu season too. Offering subsidised gym passes, or having exercise space in the office, helps to promote exercise. And in-office yoga or pilates sessions help the team to exercise while also promoting relaxation and improved mental wellbeing too.
  • Give people a forum to talk – if people are stressed, worried or have concerns affecting their work, it’s beneficial to offer them a way to talk the worries through. This could be via an informal chat with a line manager, or even through counseling and therapy as part of their employee benefits. Talking therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) can work to alleviate stress and create happier employees.


Promote the social side of the office

Good workplace relationships are a vital element of a healthy workforce. So, having breakout space for employees to relax, chat, build relationships and hold social events is a great way to improve company spirit and enhance wellbeing across the workspace. 

This could be as simple as sitting down for a 10-minute coffee break with your team. NESCAFÉ® Azera® is the Nation’s favourite super premium coffeeand helps bring rich, smooth instant coffee to your office kitchen, breakout space or meeting rooms – great for catching up with colleagues or gossiping about who bought you that naff scented candle in the office Secret Santa.


Find out more about the ideal coffee-break instant coffees



Building supplier relationships

Good relationships with your suppliers are a vital part of running a successful business. At NESCAFÉ®, we’ve been building respectful relationships with our coffee farmers for more than 80 years – and our new Grown Respectfully initiative is at the heart of this relationship.

Coffee crops are under threat from the challenges of climate change, crop diseases, water shortages and people leaving farms to move to cities. To protect the future of coffee, we’ve invested in sustainable coffee production.

The Grown Respectfully campaign has provided a commitment for NESCAFÉ® to:

  1. Respect farmers – by helping them to plant and grow healthier, disease-resistant coffee trees that produce more coffee beans – so they have more coffee to sell. And it’s better quality too, so they get a better price and are able to afford a better quality of life.
  2. Respect farming communities – by helping them to prosper. We create opportunities for younger family members to continue their farming heritage, resist the allure of the city and stay on their family farm to build better lives for themselves and their kids.
  3. Respect our planet – we’re bringing in new farming techniques that protect and conserve natural resources – and it helps you too! It plugs you into a pipeline of fine tasting Grown Respectfully NESCAFÉ® coffee.


Read more about our Grown Respectfully initiative



A new year and new plans for 2020

Whatever your workplace goals are for 2020, you can plan your office coffee needs safe in the knowledge that the coffee beans have been grown responsibly, sustainably and with the best interests of coffee farmers in mind.

So, enjoy the winter months, get proactive with wellness and look forward to a new year of business success for you and your engaged workforce.


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