Better breaks for your team

We all need a break at work sometimes, a break from the routine and a chance to unwind, reset, and refocus. But let’s be honest. Scrolling through your Facebook feed is hardly a refreshing way to spend your hard-earned break.

What if your workplace breaks could be better breaks? Properly getting away from it all; away from the office, away from the phones and away from the screens.

Give me a break!

Give yourself and your team a proper workplace break. This month, we’re giving your workplace the chance to win a better break to properly revive and refresh your team!

Win a well-deserved break with NESCAFÉ®

This month, we’re giving you the chance to win 10 x £200 travel vouchers for you and your workplace team! Enter now for a chance to win this fantastic prize and a break away from your desk. Good luck!

Enter now

*Valid to UK Workplaces with a minimum of 2 employees - Full Terms and Conditions apply.


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