Tuesday, December 13, 2016

At Nestlé Professional, we’re committed to providing a website that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of technology or ability. 
We’ve tried to make our site as accessible as possible and have followed the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines where we can. This includes building our site using W3C standards for HTML and CSS code, meaning that future browsers will display the website correctly in years to come.
Here are just a few of the other things we’ve done to make our website as accessible as we can.
  • We’ve added alt tags to all images throughout the site so that a screen reader can easily detect what’s happening on each page.
  • We’ve marked up things like lists and headers so that you can easily see what’s most important on our site.  
  • Are you having difficulty reading the text? Head to the “View” settings on your browser where you can increase or decrease the size of our fonts.
  • We’ve worked hard to ensure there’s noticeable contrast between colours all over the site. After all, we want to make sure you can read our information with ease!
Have we missed something? Or maybe we could do something better? If there's something you feel we could be doing but aren't yet, please let us know by filling out our online form.