Nestlé Professional® Toque d'Or® Digital Entry FAQs

Q: If I’m in a student team, which member of the team should complete the form?
A: All members of your team will be sent a link to the entry form by email on the morning of Wednesday, 10 January 2018. Only one person should complete the form, but you should work as a team to make sure your submission is a joint effort. So, make sure you’re prepared and are in the same location together on the day to do this. The entry will be captured on behalf of the whole team. You may only submit the form once.

Q: What should I do if I cannot submit my entry, e.g. due to a failure in my internet connection?
A: If you are unable to submit your form due to an internet connection issue or any other technical problem, please contact us as soon as possible. Please provide as many details about technical issue, including screenshots where possible. Our team will then investigate whether you will be eligible to send your application via email.

Q: How should I contact you if a technical issue happens?
A: Please email in the first instance. We’re also available on 0208 667 5530 to discuss and resolve any issues that need a follow up. We will have a support team available on the day to help with any queries between 08:00 and 18:30.

Q: What information should I provide you with if a technical issue occurs?
A: Please provide the following details as quick as possible:

  • Your name
  • Whether you are part of the student or apprentice competition
  • A phone number that we can contact you on during the day
  • A description of the problem/issue
  • A time the problem/issue occurred
  • What device (desktop, mobile, tablet), browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) and the version of the browser you are using

Q: Can I save my or our team’s work, leave the digital entry form and come back to it?
A: Unfortunately, there is no option to save the form and come back to it. Please allow sufficient time to complete the form on the day, as you will only get one opportunity to complete and submit your work.

Q: If I submit my or our team’s work and decide I want to change it, can I enter again?
A: Due to the high volume of entrants for both the student and apprentice competition, only the first entry submitted for each team or apprentice will be considered.

Q: Should my lecturer or employer help with the questions?
A: The work must be your own. Student team and apprentices completing the entry are not allowed to seek or receive direct help from others, e.g. other students, lecturers, employers or third parties, to answer the questions. Lecturers and employers are able to facilitate the entry process by being available on the day in case of any problems.

Q: How do I submit the video?
A: The video submission must be in the form of a URL link to a video uploaded to YouTube. You have the option to upload it privately or publicly to YouTube and in advance of Wednesday, 10 January. If you decide to make your video private, please make it clear on the entry form.  

Q: When will you let me know if I’ve been successful for the next stage of the competition?
A: All student entrants will be informed by Monday, 15 January 2018 and apprentices by Monday, 22 January 2018. Please check your email inbox regularly for updates, including junk and spam folders.