Responsible Sourcing

Coffee farmers sitting together

This global initiative lays out Nestlé’s comprehensive commitment to support responsible farming, production and consumption practices across all the NESCAFÉ brands.

Climate change, growing populations, rapid urbanisation and other factors have made our world increasingly unpredictable. As demand for commodities continues to increase, we need to make sure our supply chains, and the people who work within them, are protected and sustainable in order to safeguard the supply of quality raw materials on which our business depends.
As part of the largest food manufacturer in the world, we depend on the timely sourcing of the ingredients we need to make our products. For us, it makes business sense to look after these supply chains, in order to ensure security of supply in the future. On top of this, as a major sourcing company, we have a duty to ensure that our business and the organisations in our supply chain uphold responsible sourcing practices.
Responsible sourcing is a way of doing business that enables us to say with confidence that we know where our ingredients and packing materials come from and how they were made.
We work with our suppliers to ensure that our supply chains are transparent, from the source to the finished product. It also means identifying and addressing key issues along the way, including human rights, environmental protection, animal welfare, safety and health, and business integrity.