1. Planting the bean

Coffee begins its journey on trees at high altitudes, on the steep hillsides of countries in the ‘bean belt’. Once matured, the trees blossom and then produce cherries. The glossy outer shell protects our much-loved coffee beans whilst they develop inside.

2. Harvesting the crop

When the coffee cherries reach a deep red, they’re ready to be harvested by one of three methods; hand-picking, shredding or stripping using machinery. To reveal the coffee bean inside, the outer cherry husk is removed using either the wet or dry method. At this stage the coffee bean is light green in colour and has a grassy aroma- not quite like the deep brown beans we associate with coffee.

3. Mastering the roast

Heat, time and expertise are essential to roasting and it’s the relationship between them that’s important to the end flavour. The more time and heat, the darker the roast. The different kinds of roast generally fall under four categories: light, medium, full and high. Some may enjoy the full, intense flavours of a high roast whilst others prefer a subtler, caramel taste achieved through a medium roast.

4. Perfecting the grind

Once the coffee beans have been roasted to the optimum temperature, they are ground into a fine or coarse powder, releasing their oils and aromas. The coffee can be ground by hand or by machine, and the grind can be coarse, medium or fine. Consistency is key, as the mastery of the grind enhances the extraction process and enables consistent end cup quality.

5. Extracting the aromas and flavours

The process of extracting is critical as it finds the perfect balance between the consistency of the grind and the contact time with the water in order to release the unique desired aromas and textures in order to avoid a bitter or weak coffee.

Hot water is poured through the ground coffee, drawing out the coffee flavour, aroma and colour. To deepen the flavours and aroma, the mixture is reduced, resulting in a rich liquor.

6. Creating soluble coffee

At Nescafé we create instant coffee that locks in the natural flavours and intensity of freshly roasted beans. Soluble coffee granules are created through the process of freeze drying and spray drying the coffee liquor.

7. The perfect end cup

Look, smell, taste and feel; the ultimate multi-sensory experience at the heart of enjoying a quality cup coffee.

Beverage Solutions

Following meticulous ingredient sourcing, exclusive extraction techniques and automated barista machine technology, NESCAFÉ Beverage Solutions deliver a consistent quality cup of coffee every time.

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Standard Ingredients

Nearly 80 years of heritage go into making NESCAFÉ the UK’s number one coffee brand*. With expertly blended Arabica and Robusta beans, each mug is produced with 100% coffee beans and nothing else.

*IRI MAT 52 weeks March 2017

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8. The NESCAFÉ Plan

We’re committed to sourcing all our coffee beans responsibly so that you can be assured that every mug of NESCAFÉ® coffee is not only great tasting but is produced with respect for the environment and society.

Find out more about the responsible farming initiatives of NESCAFÉ® below.

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